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Cuba Libre

In the weeks leading up to the vacation, my father, younger brother and I called it by a variety of jovial-sounding names. A Guy’s Getaway. The Majumdar Men take Cuba. I was 25 years old and living in the basement, feverishly working on what I hoped would be a sellable first novel while ducking calls [...]

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The Palace of Justice

During the winter of 2005, I watched my father battle Quebec’s Public Curator office for control of my mother’s future. It was a low point for us all- the financial and emotional strain, coupled with the challenges of trying to somehow stay connected as a family at the tail end of over a decade of [...]

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When I look back at the pictures my family took when I was a child, I can remember everything about that exact time and what was happening the moment the camera clicked. My favorite one is a picture of my cousin Kenia and I, just sitting on the bus. When you look at it, you [...]

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Why is White the Indian Beauty Ideal?

One of the things that excited me most about visiting India earlier this year was being in a world filled with people of my skin color. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not like I go through my days in America with slitted eyes, constantly on guard for racial wrongdoings. I don’t. But sometimes you get [...]


Paper Tigers

The first moment when I saw things the way I’d see them as an adult occurred during a French class in Grade 5. Our teacher, a pot-bellied Frenchman named Guy, was the very definition of a bon vivant. Instead of teaching the ins and outs of verb conjugation, he much preferred to regale us with [...]


Acting 101: How to Escape Eviction

When you’re trying to make a living as an actor, as I did for nearly 6 years, you will often find yourself applying performance skills in real life. Sometimes it’s to avoid uncomfortable social situations, like when the girl you’re out on a date with starts displaying stalker tendencies and you calmly order another round, [...]



In September my son Mickey was born. Oval head. Pink sausage link of a torso. The hands of a geriatric in miniature, lined and curled into themselves. The doctor placed him on Erin’s bare chest and gently turned his head to face mine. He opened his eyes, and with a shock I realized that we [...]